100% Vegan & Eco Friendly

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No, sustainable is not boring. Don't be fooled.

If you think that only the usual brands innovate, we've got you wrong: Selbi's Rea Boost compete on a level playing field with the latest trend in traditional footwear.

And they have a plus point right from the start: they are 100% environmentally friendly.

The future is yours.

Lightweight, hyper-flexible sole made of natural rubber

Are you only going to use them in the city? Light Boost 3.0 technology gives you an eco-friendly, 6cm high sole with a flexibility that adapts to any terrain.

182 grams

Thanks to the micro air chambers formed, the weight is reduced to a minimum despite their height. They weigh less than your mobile phone.

Flexion and comfort

The most comfortable boots you've ever had . With full flex and perfect underfoot cushioning. 

100% vegan and eco-friendly

It is time to turn the world's problems into solutions.

Excessive plastics, algae proliferation? That's where our raw materials come from. And no animals are involved in the manufacturing process by any stretch of the imagination.

Recycled plastic

We reused the equivalent of 3.5 plastic bottles for each pair of boots to create the mesh fabric. What a beautiful thing reincarnation is.

Natural rubber

We use ONLY natural and recycled rubber in the manufacture of the soles. Your feet will carry the solution to another ecological problem.

Organic Cotton

Soft and breathable microfibre thanks to organic cotton. No foreign chemicals for your skin, no harm to the environment.

More nanotechnology, less animal tissue

Now you know the main raw materials, let's go for our innovative 100% vegan fabric.

Thanks to years of experience in the manufacture of fabrics, we have achieved a material that is superior to animal skins.

We use recycled plastic for the nanoparticle bonding of our mesh, with an extra layer of organic cotton microfibre inside for better breathability.


Thanks to the structure of our netting, it is possible to achieve a much higher elasticity than animal skins.


The outer coating of our fabric gives it unparalleled durability as well as easy cleaning.

Three models and endless combinations with your wardrobe

Now it's your turn to speak: white, black or burgundy?

There is a colour that represents you more, another one that you fancy and you don't even know why, and another one that you find elegant, that makes your eyes irresistible.

Wait, we'll show them to you.


Oooooooooghhhh 😍

We could tell you (again) that the design is studied to guarantee your comfort.

That the ankle cuff fits perfectly to your leg or that you have three upper hooks so that taking off and putting on your boots is not like taking off an opposition.

But we'd better show you more pictures. Go find some paper for the slime 🤤.


Beginnings are represented by white because of its purity, light and clarity.

If September is also the month of promises and changes for you, nothing more to add.

All in black

Johnny Cash said he always wore this colour because it was his symbol of rebellion against people who were closed-minded to other people's ideas.

Is choosing one colour or the other just a matter of taste, or something else?

A stroll through Bordeaux

Bordeaux is a colour that takes its name Name from Burgundy wine.

You like to go for a little wine every now and then, so do it French style, vegan and eco- oh là là -friendly.

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