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Manufacture in Spain

The quality standards in Spain are much higher and for that reason we manufacture here, we are committed to local, artisan work with which we feel identified.

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Quality assurance

"Manufacturing in Spain is an added value, a guarantee of quality".
For us it is a priority to ensure that in the manufacturing process of our products all labor regulations are respected and that workers are in appropriate conditions.

Work in decent conditions conditions

In Selbi we don't want to reduce costs at the cost of contributing to the exploitation of labour in underdeveloped countries, nor do we want to renounce to the maximum quality of our shoes due to the few controls, and that's why Selbi shoes are created in a small factory in Elche (Alicante).

a day on the production line

Production process

Being able to be part of the production process and work closely with our workshop allows us to have absolute control of the manufacturing process, and this translates into the results of the final product "made with love".

shape and design

Passionate about detail

We are passionate about taking care of every detail, from the box to the soles to the laces, labels, patterns and insoles.

Wayfarer, these are your footprints the path and nothing more; Wayfarer, there is no path, the path is made by walking. The path is made by walking, and when you look back you see the path that you will never that will never be trodden again. Walker there is no path but trails on the sea.

- Antonio Machado
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